The Launch of Our First Campaign

Crowdfunding Campaign - Tasini the Key to Break the Plastic Bag Habit

Our Goals and Achievements


Launching a Big Environmental Campaign in Indonesia


Using Recycled Plastic Waste for Our Tasini

Each Tasini bag is now made from two recycled plastic bottles.


Making Tasini Affordable for Everyone

We have lowered our costs and reduced prices by 70%

Unfold the Change

Our Award Winning Tasini Concept


The marine animals as environmental ambassador and your local friend helping to raise plastic pollution awareness in our campaigns.


A foldable shopping bag is hidden inside the marine animal.


The Tasini bag is made from recycled plastic bottles.


Attached to the keychain the Tasini is unforgettable: A reusable bag that is always with you.


Just ONE Tasini can save around 400 plastic bags a year from polluting our oceans.

4 Ways for You to Unfold the Change


Tasini is the key to break the plastic bag habit. Get your own Tasini or gift one to your friends. Choose your favourite Tasini and order online here.


There are many ways for your company or the organization you work with to join our movement.

Find Out More

Help us fund more eco-educational programs and raise awareness with local school children and communities.

Find Out More

Share your favourites of our social media posts online and inspire others to change.

How You Help Us to Unfold the Change


Sponsoring Eco-Education

Part of the proceeds will be used to sponsor eco-educational programs within local schools and communities, helping to raise awareness. We will also give free Tasini to school children and community members.


Sponsoring Eco-Conservation

Part of the proceeds will sponsor projects aimed at nature conservation, with a focus on marine life.


Supporting Fair Trade

We ensure fair standards in our production. Our staff are paid at least minimum wage and are provided with Social and Health insurance, according Indonesian regulations. We also work in partnership with community members, who are often women working from home. This allows them to earn extra income to provide their families.


Promoting Zero Waste Through “Return for Reward”

After a long life, and many plastic bags saved, your Tasini may reach the end of its life. Perhaps something may break or you cannot use it anymore. Before you dispose of it, please :

1. The best way
Repair it!

2. Another alternative
Send a broken Tasini to us and get a discount for your new Tasini!

3. Last way
If you can’t repair it or send it to us, then look for a recycling station near you.


United Nations - Environtment Inovation Award goes to initiative Making Ocean Plastic Free

For their idea of ​​”Tasini”, the Indonesia-Germany environmental initiative Making Oceans Plastic Free (MOPF) received an award for innovation challenges by the United Nations environmental program (UNEP). The “Clean Seas Innovation Challenge” recognizes promising solutions for marine plastic pollution problems developed by students from all over the world. Together with three other projects, “Tasini” was chosen from more than 200 proposals submitted. This award was recently awarded in San Diego, USA, as par...

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