Tasini is Easy and Fun,
and so is Working with Us!

You can Resell Tasini for a Profit,
or to Raise Funds for Your Organization.

You can use Tasini as Co-Branded Merchandize
to Create Added Value for Your Brand.

Tasini Helps you Achieve Your Goals and Reduce Plastic Pollution

Choose Your Favorite


Tasini Bestsellers


Co-Branded Tasini with
your logo on the label


Custom Design Tasini

Tasini is not just a product,
it’s a movement!

We are happy to support you in creating a tailored campaign that meets your needs for social media, print, graphics, videos and more!

Our Clients, Partners and Friends

Become a Tasini Changemaker

Join our “Tasini Plus One” program! For every Tasini that you purchase, we will gift one free Tasini to a community member.

To ensure a larger and more sustainable impact, free Tasini will be given as part of our eco-educational projects with local communities and schools.

You can also support our eco-educational projects directly through your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding.

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