United Nations - Environtment Inovation Award goes to initiative Making Ocean Plastic Free

For their idea of ​​”Tasini”, the Indonesia-Germany environmental initiative Making Oceans Plastic Free (MOPF) received an award for innovation challenges by the United Nations environmental program (UNEP). The “Clean Seas Innovation Challenge” recognizes promising solutions for marine plastic pollution problems developed by students from all over the world. Together with three other projects, “Tasini” was chosen from more than 200 proposals submitted. This award was recently awarded in San Diego, USA, as par...

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If you want to tell the story about Tasini and our mission to making oceans plastic free, we have created this special section with different media (photos, video, graphics, text) for different press and media needs.

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We are a group of friends from Indonesia and Germany and founders of the initiative Making Oceans Plastic Free.



We love nature and we love the ocean. Our goal is to reduce marine plastic pollution. We believe it is most effective when it is easy and fun. This is how we created Tasini.

Lia Nirawati

Paritosha Kobbe

Roger Spranz

Adityo Nugroho

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